We think it’s safe to say this year has been a rollercoaster of emotions. Learning how to navigate a life in isolation and working from home has taken its toll on many of our physical and mental health. Some turn to baking to fill the time while others find daily walks to be therapeutic.

There has been an increase in people struggling with mental health issues as a direct result of Covid and the various lockdowns over the past year. A study conducted before the Christmas period, during the 9th wave of coronavirus, stated that 54% of adults in the UK felt anxious or worried in the past two weeks. That number was higher for women at 63% and students at 66%. Another issue people are facing during the pandemic is the transition to remote work. 71% of people in the UK are now working from home and 51% of these remote workers are aware that their workspace is not correctly set up to support their posture. 23% have even admitted to mostly working from their kitchen table. There are many negative repercussions to poor posture with symptoms of lower back pain, sore shoulders, aching hands, hip discomfort and stiff necks. Some common mistakes people make when working from home are having their chairs set too low, monitors at the wrong height or even bending forward over laptops.

However you’ve chosen to manage your health, an option you probably haven’t considered is massage therapy. Some psychological benefits from massage therapy are an increase of serotonin and dopamine in the brain which contribute to the overall happiness of an individual. It is also known to help lower stress and anxiety. Massage can also relax and loosen the muscles made sore by bad posture, these benefits are guaranteed to leave you relaxed and generally happier than before. During these uncertain times it’s easy to neglect your mental wellbeing but knowing you’re not alone, that there are people here to help, can be reassuring. So, if you are looking to break this cycle and try something new, at unique sports massage we are launching a new ‘Health and Well-being’ package catered to better your overall mental health through massage.