Stretching should be a vital part of your daily routine and here’s why. You may think that stretching is only important before exercising to avoid aches and pains. While you are not wrong, there are many other benefits too. Firstly, stretching helps to reduce or manage stress. It helps to relax your muscles, therefore, holding less tension. Another benefit of regular stretching is the improvement of your posture. When your muscles are tight it can affect your back and chest as well as your hips. We have all been working from home for the past year so your back will thank you for this!

If you find yourself avoiding certain activities or moving your arms a certain way, stretching may be your solution. Daily stretches can help improve your range of motions and help unwind knots and stiff joints. While it is not a cure it could help manage any pains you may be feeling. However, if the pains are consistent make sure to check in with your doctor. Another benefit to regular stretching is its effects on your circulation. Stretching helps to promote healthy circulation, increasing the blood supply creating a good flow of nutrients and blood around your body. Finally, stretching can help reduce your chances of injury. A tense muscle is more likely to be damaged with sudden movements whereas a more flexible muscle is not. By stretching regularly, you are increasing the range of motion of a particular joint, therefore, decreasing the chances of an injury.

Women doing a daily stretch in bed