Chronic Pain: How Sports Injury Clinic In Hoddesdon EN10 EN11 Helps

Focused and direct sports massage can help alleviate chronic pain and we like to educate this to patients by recommending the right treatment, treatment plan and aftercare advice when they attend our sports injury clinic Hoddesdon EN10 EN11 with chronic pain symptoms caused by a long-term injury.

The leading metric that puts a stop to regular activity is injury. Whether it be short term-injury or long-term injury, we press pause on our activities to rest and recover so that we don’t cause any long-term damage.

Now and then when you hurt your leg or have bruised your limbs, we often take a few days off before starting back up. A few days off is long enough to help reduce swelling and to stretch out the stiffness.

But what do we do when it comes to chronic pain. Not a simple injury that is easily fixed through medication or a broken bone that has a set structured approach towards reparation. But chronic pain, otherwise known as persistent pain refuses to disappear after 12 weeks or longer despite medication or treatment.

Let’s use this guide to see how a sports injury clinic Hoddesdon EN10 EN11 can help reduce chronic pain through sports massage.

Chronic Pain

To understand how a sports massage can help alleviate the stress of an injury, we have to have a foundational understanding of what chronic pain is.

Most people describe chronic pain as a pain in their body that is more severe than a normal injury. However, this isn’t accurate and it’s important to know the true definition.

Chronic pain is persistent pain that lasts for 12 weeks or more despite using medication or having treatment.

After an injury, whether it be through activity or operation, there is a set recovery period and individuals tend to get back to normal. However, this isn’t always the case and therefore the pain that these individuals will be suffering from is categorised as chronic.

It can affect 1 in 5 people, and unfortunately, age isn’t a factor as both younger and elder individuals can suffer from chronic pain.

Here are some ways to provide relief on your own:

  • Relax
  • Pain medication
  • Do things you enjoy
  • Know your limits

If however, you find that you’ve been relaxing with correct posture and reducing the amount of activity you do in your day to rest your injury, sometimes it isn’t quite enough and you need the pain cycle to be interrupted.

How can a sports injury clinic Hoddesdon EN10 EN11 help?

Chronic pain can be severely uncomfortable for a whole range of reasons. Naturally, when suffering from chronic pain, especially with sports injuries, there will be an increase in inflammation, muscle tightness and stress levels.

When subject to these tensions, your body has to work overtime to send the affected areas the resources that they need to recover, which exposes the rest of your body. When you’re not given the appropriate amount of resources to help alleviate stress on your whole body, it can lead to fatigue and soreness.

With this in mind, chronic pain is typical when muscles have not had the appropriate amount of time to rest that they need. With inflammation and tightness built up as a result of injury, without breaking that pain or stress cycle, it can lead to long-term damage.

Those who have ignored a pain, or have sustained an injury that causes consistent pain, will often find it incredibly difficult to sleep. We all know that sleep is important in enabling us to rest and recover. Without it, our body simply can’t function as well as we’re used to, leading to physical fatigue but also mental fatigue.

All of this fatigue, stress and pain in the body can severely impact one’s mobility. But when we think of pain or stress, we like to think of them in cycles. Massage therapy is just one way in which you can break the cycle.

By massaging the affected areas and manipulating the soft tissue, we can interrupt the pain cycle in every way by not only reducing muscle tension but by causing an increased blood flow that aims to reduce inflammation and as a result, increase movement. The benefits of working with the sports injury clinic Hoddesdon EN10 EN11.

To put it more simply, when your muscles are contracting in response to pain and as such creating pressure on certain nerves, a massage helps to stretch those muscles and urges your nervous system to gradually release the tension. With the improved circulation of blood to the affected areas, you’re able to deliver vital resources such as oxygen and other nutrients help to expel any harmful toxins.

Where can I go?

If you find yourself suffering from pain for more than 12 weeks after an injury, visit our sports injury clinic! A sports massage may be the best option for you to help interrupt the pain cycle, reduce inflammation and get you back to being active and mobile.