Sports Massage & Deep Tissue

Suitable For Everyone

Sports massage can be suitable for everyone, irrespective of whether they play a sport or not, sports massage is most certainly used during rehabilitation following injury, but the fact is that most sports massage is delivered to perfectly fit and healthy individuals for relaxation or to people suffering from general strains of daily activities including office workers, construction workers, those recovering from car accidents and even those suffering with anxiety and sleep deprivation.

There are a number of misconceptions associated with sports massage and deep tissue massage. Members of the public often believe that sports massage is only suitable for sports participants or persons who have been injured through playing sports.  Another common misconception is that sports massage has to be painful in order to be effective both of these assumptions are incorrect.

Healing Hands

There is no doubt that sports massage can, on occasions, result in temporary discomfort but here at Unique we make sure we tailor a massage to ‘meet the need’ of the individual and the experience should not necessarily be painful but target your problem area and relieve any aches and pains over a course of treatments the techniques we use are designed to benefit muscles by warming and softening tissue, realigning muscle fibers, helping to heal tissue by flushing toxins from specific muscles. You don’t have to wait until you’re injured before having a massage treatment, having regular sessions as prevention can identify tender areas before they develop into injuries, while enhancing body awareness.

“I had a massive discomfort in my hip Joint which was causing me a lot of misery, but it only took 30min for Leon to fix it and I’m so grateful for his skills and knowledge to help me recover. Best therapist in town!”