Sports Club

Sports Club

Unique Sports Massage caters to all sporting events, like marathons and sporting competitions. It is always a good idea to have a sports massage therapist at any sporting events to provide pre and post sports massage.

Pre sports massage prepares the body for sporting activity or physical exertion. Pre sports massages also stimulate the flow of blood and nutrients to the working muscles, with increased circulation resulting in a reduced risk of injury.

​Post-event sports massage is part of the cool down, allowing the body to recover from physical activity. Its aim is to reduce fatigue and soreness within the muscles by increasing the removal of waste products from the muscles produced by the body and reduce tightness within the muscles.

“Really great massage for a really sore back. I booked this as an emergency massage my back / neck / shoulders were in pain. Best decision ever I’m still feeling the benefits of a better back and shoulders would go again.”

S S Owen