As gyms gradually open across the UK we wanted to use this week’s blog as an opportunity to give some of the benefits of post-workout massages. We’ve had a long year adapting to home workouts and staying fit while quarantining so transitioning back to your regular gym routine may have your body feeling extra sore. Massage therapy can be a rewarding and beneficial experience for those of you in this position and here why.

  1. Prevents soreness – Our bodies have adapted to a certain level of physical activity during the lockdown periods and having no access to gyms or workout equipment means we are not used to our regular gym routines. Booking a massage after your gym session can help to reduce the build-up of lactic acid produced by muscle metabolism that is causing pain and soreness in your body.
  2. Decreases inflammation – Inflammation is usually caused by damaged tissue in your body causing swelling on some occasions. inflammation reduces blood flow and this can prevent your muscles from healing correctly. Massage therapy helps create better blood flow within the body which allows your muscles to heal and reduces inflammation.
  3. Increased flexibility – Massage therapy helps to loosen stiff muscles by increasing temperature through stimulating friction to an area of the body. This helps to promote elasticity within the body and helps muscles relax and muscle fibers to loosen and expand.
  4. Quick pain relief – On days you have a particularly difficult gym session planned. Having a massage booked for right after can help to provide quick pain relief on problem areas to avoid a painful night’s sleep or morning following the gym session. Right after your workout is also when your muscles are in overdrive, feeling extra tense and strained. You can use your massage session to have tense areas worked on instantly.
  5. Motivation – Massage therapy has many physical and psychological benefits as we know however it is also very relaxing and can be something to look forward to or motivate you to hit your workout harder. Having a massage booked will have you completing your sessions with a smile.